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A professional Kananaskis, Banff or Canmore disc jockey is responsible for creating the right mood while keeping everything organized for your reception, and sometimes even your ceremony. Here are a few tips to insure you will have a smooth wedding day or corporate event:

    * 1) Always return timeline information, event planners and song lists (must plays or don’t plays) at least four weeks prior to your event date. This gives your disc jockey enough time to finalize with you and make arrangements regarding speciality music or AVLA restricted songs or artists.

    * 2) Seat older family or guests that may be sensitive about the sound furthest from the loudspeakers. Although a professional disc jockey will monitor the sound for reasonable noise levels, it is important that you know where the speakers will be placed since inevitably the noise level will be louder as you get closer to each speaker. It is recommended that DJs raise the speakers above table level to get more sound coverage and avoid “in your face” sound which can often make it difficult to have a conversation.

    * 3) Place the disc jockey in a location that is not obstructed. Disc jockeys will often be an emcee or interact with your guests, which means he/she needs to have a clear view of you and your guests to do an efficient job. If you place them in a room away from your guests or in a corner with an obstructed view, it will make entertaining and coordinating your event difficult.

    * 4) Avoid placing guests behind loudspeakers or between the loudspeakers and the dancefloor. If you are concerned with guests hearing clear announcements and enjoying the music, it is best to have guests seated in front of the speakers but not between the speaker and dancefloor since that area can become uncomfortable during dancing. If your guests are seated behind the speakers, they will probably hear too much bass and may not hear announcements clearly.

    * 5) Consider appropriate sound systems for large rooms, multiple rooms or guests seated behind loudspeakers. It may be best to have four speakers (or more) if you have an unusual room situation . A professional Calgary disc jockey service will make recommendations. Always get a few different opinions since some DJ companies simply do not have proper sound systems for different sized events, while others may sacrifice sound quality to save money. It is important that you and your guests can hear announcements and the music clearly and comfortably.

    * 6) If you know you have a conservative audience and would like an entertainer to motivate them or you have a lively group and want an outgoing disc jockey that interacts with your audience, make sure that you book an interactive DJ or go with an interactive DJ company and let your intentions be known. You should provide some basic information to your entertainer & ask what type of activities or dances your disc jockey or entertainer has in mind. Many disc jockeys simply play music, make announcements and keep things organized and that is OK, unless you are looking for more of a personality. There are exceptional disc jockeys that have acting/improv or musical backgrounds and have a knack for audience participation. These disc jockeys typically cost more, but if you need more than music, do your homework and hire someone you feel confident with.

    * 7) Discuss cocktail and dinner music ahead of time. Many Banff & Canmore disc jockeys consider cocktails and dinner a “throw-away” time, which is not a clear way of thinking. Cocktail and dinner time may be the perfect time to work in those non-dance favorites or play music for your older guests that may leave early. There are creative disc jockeys that can turn dinner into a memorable experience, so be sure to talk about cocktails and dinner ideas.

    * 8) Hire & properly book your disc jockey so that he is set-up and ready to go before your guests arrive, even if you are hiring a band or solo musician (eg. pianist) for cocktails/dinner or do not need the DJ until later. If you hire the disc jockey to play two hours into your event and the normal set-up time is one hour before the contracted time, you will have your disc jockey rolling in during your cocktail or dinner time, which takes away from the atmosphere and inconveniences your guests. Your disc jockey also serves as a “back-up” plan if your musicians show up late or they need breaks.

    * 9) Follow your instincts and don’t be fooled. If your “gut” tells you not to book with a disc jockey because you have doubts or a bad feeling, follow your instincts. The most popular Calgary, Banff, Canmore & Kananaskis disc jockeys and wedding DJ companies tend to be more expensive, so if someone seems well below average, there is probably a reason for it. Do your homework and remember that surveys show that 80% of a party’s success usually falls in the lap of your entertainer. It is a big responsibility, so choose wisely and follow your heart.

Member In Good Standing with CPDJA, the Calgary Weddings Group & The Bridal Network, Good Times Disc Jockey & Entertainment Services is a professionally run, full-time music, entertainment & event planning company. We take great pride in doing a wonderful job for our customers, and our reputation in Banff, Lake Louise and Canmore proves it!

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